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Parabox Wig Stands
wig stand A
for 3.5-4 inch wig
(height :20cm/
head size 8cm)
wig stand B
for 4.5-5 inch wig
(height :20cm/
head size 10cm)
wig stand E
for 8 inch wig
(height :41cm/
head size 17cm)
wig stand F
for 9 inch wig
(height :42cm/
head size 21cm)
Wig Stands
wig stands
A) for 3.5-4 inch wig/ B) for 4.5-5 inch wig/ E) for 8 inch wig/ F) for 9 inch wig
The head part is made out of styrofoam. You can tilt them very easily. In the picture are wigstands B and D.