• Toy Skeleton main
  • 1/8 scale parts
  • 3/16 scale parts
  • 1/4 scale parts
  • 3/8 scale parts
  • assembled parts

Toy Skeleton (Armatures)

What is Toy Skeleton?
The Toy Skeleton can enhance your favorite stuffed toys by allowing them to strike cute and lovely poses. There are many possibilities for creativity using this product.
Toy Skeleton
How does Toy Skeleton work?
Toy skeleton is a remarkable plastic bone structure that has been used by many well- known stuffed toy companies. However, the Toy Skeleton didn't catch crafts and artsy people's attention for decades. The Toy skeleton has four different sizes from 1/8 scale to 3/8 scale.
Parts and pliers
Ball & Socket pieces
The basic design looks like a snow man and is called ball & socket. The pieces are connected to each other to create a flexible structure.
Connection pieces
The connection parts allow you to add more directions. For example, the cross shape allows you to add an additional direction with two connection points.
pliers picture
You need special pliers designed exclusively for each size of the Toy Skeleton to connect and disconnect pieces.
Toy Skeleton demonstration