We call Parabox original dolls PARADOLLS!

Parabox sells full sets that contains Parabox original heads, wigs, doll eyes, shoes as well as Obitsu bodies/Parabox original bodies. There are 1/6 scale size (smaller) and 1/3 scale size (bigger).

■Full-set Dolls(PARADOLLS)

We only release a limited number of full sets.
Full sets includes head, body, eyes, wig,
clothes, and shoes.

■blank heads/painted heads/accesories

Heads can be purchased alone.
・Blank heads for your own face-up
・Machine painted heads for mostly 1/6 scale
・Hand-painted heads for 1/3 scaleThe difference of these heads

You can make your own PARADOLLS
The full doll pages also show the combination of heads and bodies.

Tutorials on making dolls using Parabox products

1/3 scale (bigger size) dolls

  • Gretel

    55/60cm body

  • Gretel47

    45/47/48/50cm body

  • Angela

    40cm/45cm body

  • Henzel

    45cm/50cm male body

  • Misya

    45/47/48/50cm body

  • Laura

    45/47/48/50cm body

  • Hime Ane

    40/47/48/50/60cm body

  • Sleeping Princess

    40/45cm body

  • Ai-chan

    40/45/47/48/50cm body

  • P-chan

    40/45/47/48/50cm body

  • LUNA

    45cm-60cm body

1/6 scale (smaller size) dolls

  • Muffin & Momo

    11/21/23/25cm body

  • S-Angela

    11/21/23/25cm body

  • Petite Fairy

    11/25cm body

  • Petite Hime

    11/21/23/25/27cm body

  • Cocco

    11cm body

  • Hikari

    11cm body

  • Usako

    11/21cm body

  • Little Ai-chan

    21/23/25/27cm body

  • Chara

    21/23/25/27cm/ 27cm slim body

  • Kay

    27cm female/slim body

  • Ares

    27cm male slim body

  • Miroku

    27cm male slim body

  • Henzel27

    27cm male slim body

  • S-Gretel

    25/27cm body

  • Gretel27

    25/27cm female body

  • Yuki

    21/23/25/27cm body

  • Aki

    21/23/25/27cm body

  • Fairy

    25/27cm female body

Completed dolls that are no longer available

  • old Henzel

  • old Angela

  • Joshua

  • old Alice

  • Sheba

  • Ayame & Sakura

  • Kayra

  • Neko sisters

  • Black & White Pawns

  • old S-Angela

  • Petite P-chan

Parabox photo shooting trips

  • fall 2012

  • summer 2012

  • summer 2010

  • summer 2009

  • spring 2009

  • fall 2008