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Parabox Character Data
NAME:Petite Hime
COLOR(S):fleshtone/white skin
WIG SIZE:5inch
EYES: 12mm Anime Eyes Iris A/B/D/E/F / Candy Eyes
EYE OPENINGS Eye-pocket type
Can be used with from 11cm body to 27cm body.

Body comparison
◎…recommended/△…works okay

11 21/23 24(SB) 27F 27silmM

Petite Hime Doll Gallery

Choose parts for your Petite Hime

Choose a head, body, eyes, wig, clothes and shoes to make your own Angela!

Choose a Petite Hime head
  • hand-painted
    Petite HimeカスタムドールPetite Himeカスタムドール
    Face-up is done by
    a face-up artisit.
  • Machine painted
    Petite Himeカスタムドール Petite Himeカスタムドール Petite Himeカスタムドール
    Painted using the
    mask painting method.
  • blank

    Paint them the
    way you want.

  • head

Choose a body for Petite Hime

27cm F body

27cm Female body

11cm body

24cm body



24cm female custom basic set A/B/C

21cm female custom basic set A/B/C

27cm female custom basic set A/B/C

These sets come with the machine painted head, We could switch to a hand-painted head by buying this option at the same time.
Choose eyes for Petite Hime

  • 12mm Iris A blue

  • 12mm Iris A green

  • 12mm Iris A pink

  • 12mm Iris A skyblue

  • 12mm Iris A yellow

  • 12mm Iris A brown

  • 12mm Iris A purple

  • 12mm Iris A red

  • 12mm Iris B green

  • 12mm Iris B pink

  • 12mm Iris B skyblue

  • 12mm Iris B yellow

  • 12mm Iris B blue

  • 12mm Iris B gray

  • 12mm Iris B purple

  • 12mm Iris B red

  • 12mm Iris B brown
  • eye page
    12mm eyes
  • Eyes tutorials
    Eye tutorials

Choose a Wig/clothes/Shoes for Petite Hime

  • Choose Wig

  • Choose Clothes

  • Choose Shoes
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