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Parabox Character Data
COLOR(S):fleshtone/white skin
WIG SIZE:4.5inch
EYES: 10mm Realistic Eyes / Anime Eyes Iris A/B / Candy Eyes
EYE OPENINGS Eye-pocket type
The 11cm body and the 21/23㎝ bodies are recommended for this head. The same blank head for both Muffin and Momo.

Body comparison
◎…recommended/△…works okay

11 21/23 24(SB) 27F 27silmM

Muffin/Momo Photo Gallery

Choose parts for your Muffin/Momo

Choose a head, body, eyes, wig, clothes and shoes to make your own Angela!

Choose a Muffin/Momo head
  • hand-painted
    Muffin/Momo hand-painted headsMuffin/Momo hand-painted heads
    Face-up is done by
    a face-up artisit.
  • Machine painted
    Muffin machine painted headMomo machine-painted head
    Painted using the
    mask painting method.
  • blank
    muffin/momo blank fleshtonemuffin/momo blank white skin
    Paint them the
    way you want.

  • head

Choose a body for Muffin/Momo

11cm body

11cm body

11cm body

21cm body



11cm Muffin custom basic set

11cm Momo custom basic set

21cm Muffin custom basic set

21cm Momo custom basic set

Choose eyes for Muffin/Momo

  • 10mm Iris A red

  • 10mm Iris A green

  • 10mm Iris A pink

  • 10mm Iris A skyblue

  • 10mm Iris A yellow

  • 10mm Iris A blue

  • 10mm Iris A gray

  • 10mm Iris A purple

  • 10mm Iris B red

  • 10mm Iris B green

  • 10mm Iris B pink

  • 10mm Iris B skyblue

  • 10mm Iris B yellow

  • 10mm Iris B blue

  • 10mm Iris B gray

  • 10mm Iris B purple

  • 10mm Iris B brown

  • Candy eyes green

  • Candy eyes red

  • Candy eyes skyblue

  • Candy eyes gold

  • Candy eyes dark violet

  • Candy eyes gray

  • Realistic eyes green

  • Realistic eyes blue

  • Realistic eyes green gray

  • Realistic eyes violet

  • Realistic eyes dark violet

  • Realistic eyes light brown

  • Realistic eyes light violet
  • アイを買う
    10mm eyes
  • Eyes tutorials
    Eye tutorials

Choose a Wig/clothes/Shoes for Muffin/Momo

  • Choose Wig

  • Choose Clothes

  • Choose Shoes
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