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1/6 scale Obitsu body size chart
@ 11cm body
chest/bust 5.6cm
waist 5.7cm
hip 6.6cm
shoulder width 2.8cm
top of thigh to bottom of feet 4.5cm
shoulder height 8cm
foot 1.8cm
@ 21cm body 23cm body 25cm body 27cm female
(normal) body
27cm female
(soft bust) body
27cm female(one-piece abdomen)body 27cm male (slim) body 27cm male
(realistic) body
chest/bust 8.7cm 8.7cm 10.0cm 10.8cm Small:
12.6cm 14.0cm
waist 6.5cm 6.5cm 7.7cm 7.5cm 7.5cm 7.5cm 9.2cm 9.2cm
hip 9.0cm 9.0cm 10.0cm 11.0cm 11.0cm 10.6cm 12.0cm 13.0cm
C: shoulder width 3.8cm 3.8cm 4.0cm 4.7cm 4.7cm 4.7cm 6.2cm 7.0cm
B: leg 10.0cm 11.0cm 12.2cm 14.2cm 14.2cm 14.2cm 14.6cm 13.5cm
top of upper arm to wrist 6.0cm 6.0cm 7.2cm 8.0cm 8.0cm 8.0cm 9.8cm 10.0cm
A: shoulder height 16.6cm 17.6cm 20.5cm 22.6cm 22.6cm 22.6cm 24.0cm 24.0cm
foot 2.2cm 2.2cm 2.2cm 2.2cm 2.2cm 2.2cm 3.7cm 3.9cm
The difference between the boy and girl body for 21cm and 23cm is a slight difference in the chest/ bust size and if there are nipples or not.
The difference among the three types of 27cm female bodies (normal type, Soft bust type, and one-piece abdomen type) is the shape of the trunk.