• clothes for 11cm body
  • clothes for 21/23cm body
  • clothes for 24cm body
  • clothes for 27cm female body
  • clothes for 27cm male body
  • clothes for 40/45cm female body
  • clothes for 47cm female body
  • clothes for 48/50cm female b
  • clothes for 55cm female body
  • clothes for 60cm female b

Parabox original clothes

Newly released clothes
Soft vinyl is susceptible to stains from darker color clothes, like black or dark blue.
The outer skin of the 1/3 scale bodies that Parabox carries is made out of soft vinyl, which is susceptible to stains. You need to prevent stains by wraping a wrap around the body or putting body tights on the body.
For 1/6 scale bodies, some of the bodies that Parabox carries are made out of hard plstic, which doesn't get stained. (27cm Obitsu female body (normal type) etc.) The soft upper body type gets stained, so you need some kind of protection, or do not leave darker clothes on the bodies.