Head Variations

blank heads
Paint them the way you want.

Machine painted heads
Face-up is painted using
the mask painting method.
Face-up cannot be removed.

Recommended for custom beginners!

Hand-painted heads
Face-up is done by a face-up artisit.

Recommended for custom beginners!

Heads Types

Solid eyes type
You can paint any design of eyes.
As the surface is smooth,
you can use decals with this type of heads.

Molded eyes type
This type of head has molds to
guide you for drawing eyes.
Also, you can cut out eyes
along the mold,
to make an eye opening head.

Eye opening type
Can be used with doll eyes.

Eye opening type
Eye-pocket type

Eye pockets hold eyes when inserting them from the back.

Non eye-pocket type

Non-eye- pocket type heads require glue or putty to affix eyes.

A lid on the top of head

This type has a lid on the top part of the head so that you can assemble eyes.

Some of the 1/6 scale heads do not have a lid on their top.

About PARABOX heads
Head Size

Parabox offers 1/6 scale size heads and 1/3 scale heads. The 1/6 scale heads are smaller.

Soft Vinyl Heads

All the heads that Parabox sells are made of soft vinyl, the same material that Barbie dolls are made of. Soft vinyl, by nature, softens in the summer and hardens in winter. Soft vinyl can be categorized into three degrees of hardness, they are; hard, semi-hard and soft. Most Parabox heads are considered to be in the semi-hard category. We recommend that you store these in a place with constant ventilation, avoid sunlight and keep them clean.

Head Customizing

Attaching eyes to a head

Face-up presentation

Applying eyelashes

How to apply a wig