• 11cm body dollhead

Parabox heads

All the heads that Parabox sells are made out of soft vinyl, which is the same material that barbie dolls are made out of. Soft vinyl, by nature, softens in the summer and hardens in winter.
Soft vinyl can be categorized into three type of hardness, which is hard, semi-hard and soft. Most Parabox heads are considered in the semi-hard category.

Type of 1/6 scale heads available

blank head
machine painted head
Spray painted by machine. Face-up doesn't come off by wiping.
hand painted head
Heads hand-painted by our artists. More expensive than machine painted heads. Only 1/3 scale heads available.

1/6 scale Head Line Up

1/6 scale PARABOX Original Heads

1/3 scale Head Line Up

1/3 PARABOX Original Hheads

Head customizing

  • Attaching eyes to a head

  • Face-up presentation

  • Applying eyelashes

  • Preventing stains

  • How to apply a wig