Obitsu Parabox Doll Bodies
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Parabox carries all the Obitsu bodies as well as Parabox original bodies. We also sell parts individually.

Parabox carries heads, eyes, wigs, clothing, and shoes to make your own dolls!

1/6 scale Doll Bodies

All the 1/6 scale bodies that Parabox carries

Skin Colors

All 1/6 scale bodies come in fleshtone color and white skin color.


All 1/6 scale bodies offer the choice of magnets on the sole or a no magnet version. The kind with magnets on the sole comes with a steel base.

Body chart

body chart for 11cm body to 27cm body.

Head Joints

Bodies come with various neck joints to fit heads.

1/6 scale body materials

  • Rigid plastic bodies

    The 11cm, 21cm, 23cm, 27cm, 27cm slim
    body are made out of hard plastic.

  • Soft bust bodies(23/25/27cm only)

    23cmSB(soft bust), 25cmSB, 27cmSB, and
    27cm SBH bodies have a trunk made out of
    soft vinyl and the rest of the body are made
    of hard plastic.Soft vinyl is susceptible to
    staining from dark colors from clothing.

Obitsu 11cm Rigid plastic Bodies
Skin color : Fleshtone/White
Obitsu 21cm/23cm Rigid plastic Bodies Female/Male
Skin color : Fleshtone/White
Obitsu 23cmSoftBust/25cmSoftBust Bodies/Female Skin color : Fleshtone/White
(3 Bust size)
Obitsu 27cm Bodies /Normal type(1 bust size)
SB(soft bust)type(3 bust type)
SBH type(3 bust type)
Skin color : Fleshtone/White
Obitsu 27cm Male Slim Bodies
Skin color : Fleshtone/White

1/3 scale Doll Bodies

All the 1/3 scale bodies that Parabox carries
The 1/3 scale body offers white skin color.

1/3 scale body structure

skin … soft vinyl
inner parts (structure)…ABS hard plastic
All the parts are also sold individually.


All the 1/3 scale bodies have magnets on the sole. They come with a steel base.

Body chart

body chart for 40cm to 60cm bodies.

Neck joints

All the 1/3 scale bodies use either of the neck pieces in the picture. They both work with all the 1/3 scale heads that Parabox sells.

Obitsu 48cm/50cm Bodies
Parabox 40cm/45cm/45cm male/47cm/50cm male Bodies


Obitsu 55cm male/60cm Bodies