Little Pullip Customization

The Little Pullip head fits the 21cm (or 23cm) Obitsu body perfectly. This tutorial explains how to add the Little Pullip to the 21cm Obitsu body. The difficult part of this tutorial is to open up the neck opening of the head to fit it to the body.

<Tools used for this project> electric rotary tool, screw driver
Taking Pullip's head off the stock body
Let's start with removing her wig. Take your slotted screwdriver and insert slowly between the head and wig. Once you open up some space in-between, work it around to detach the wig from the head.
Remove a screw to take the back part of the head off. The above pictures shows the front part of head after taking removing the back portion.
The neck attachment will go into the head like this You will see the neck attachment part is too big for the head.
If we insert the neck attachment into the head like this, the neck will end up being too long.
To make the neck show shorter, we need to insert the top of the neck like this.
Switch the neck attachment to the smallest attachment.
To take the current part off, unscrew the top of the neck attachment.
Open up the opening using an electric rotary tool so that the neck fits in. If you don't have an electric rotary tool , use sand paper.
The opening will be like this.
After switching to the smaller neck attachment, place the neck into the head.
Put the back side of the head back on. You will notice you need to open up the opening on the back side of the head also.
Screw the screw on the back part of the head to reattach both to finish.
We used the Monique 4.5 inch wig in this tutorial.