How to customize dolls (1)

Make a head with eyeholes by cutting out the eye molds from a 60-003 head.

This discussion covers tips that can be used with working on other heads also.

This is not the only method. Be creative and discover your own way!

<Tools used for this project>from upper left in the picture
acrylic colors, electric rotary tool, putty, cheek makeup, tweezer, color pencils, brushes,
NT dresser,glue for plastics, q-tips,
Mr.COLOR super clear (Semi-gloss), acrylic adhesive agent,
waterproof sand paper(240, 600),
water hobby color reducer, delustering agent
Others: palette for acrylic paints, tissue paper etc.

Cut along the pupil outline with a knife.
Cut out eyes carefully without damaging the outer mold around the eye..
By using a rotary tool or sand paper, clean up the jagged edge. An electric rotary tool is very handy for this and other uses, especially with interchangeable bits.
Finish up eyes to make the holes smooth. Smooth the inside portion of opening to ensure a good fit for eyeballs.
Sand the cheek right under the eyes a little bit. Plastics are easy to sand. You can use #240 sand paper and then #600 water-proof paper while pouring water over it, when you sand the face. To finish, smooth the whole head. For details, please check on (2)how to customize dolls.
After smoothing, clean up the surface with an acrylic adhesive agent. Dampen a tissue with the acrylic. Be careful not to over rub since you can wear through the plastic.
You now have an eye-hole type head.
Smooth the inside portion of openings to ensure a good fit for eyeballs using an electric rotary tool.
Start out by painting the head with eyebrows, lips, cheek, and outliner around the eyes. We used a real highlight for cheek. Draw eyebrow with a color pencil. Add dark red on the hollow area of lips before finishing with pink, so that the lips look sharp. You can repaint, so don't worry about mis-painting.
Soak a cotton ball in acrylic remover (or enamel remover), and wipe areas where you need to remove paint. Add lines around eyes with color pencils. The professionals use a thin brush to draw these lines with one stroke, it is not easy for beginners. We recommend using colored pencils to draw them slowly and surely.
Darken eyebrows, and put pink makeup on whole cheek. Add pink acrylic color on lips to finish. Use cotton balls or toothpicks to soak in acrylic adhesive agent, and wipe the area that you want to fix, if needed. To finish, spray opaque lacquer (spray type in a can over the whole face. Without this process, your painting will go away.
To add the eyelashes, attach to inside of the eyes. Put plastic adhesive agent on the inside of the eyes using a toothpick.
We got cheap eyelashes for human, and trim them to the size that we needed.
Attach doll eyes using putty. Be careful that putty does not show between eye balls and head.
This shows the face with the eyes. Put transparent lacquer for lips to make it glossy.
Add a wig to finish.