Transplant hair into vinyl head

Below is an explanation of the procedure to transplant hair into 1/6 scale unpainted head.
We will create a bob hair style. Whatever style you are out to achieve, imagine the hair design very well before starting.

The Obitsu head has a convenient line that marks the area where you will transplant hair.
With a 60cm batch (30g), you could use all of it to make it high dense. However, we used only half of it for this demonstration without any sparse areas. This project took 5 hours.

1. What we need for this project Obitsu W01 head and brown hair scissors, thick sewing needle (shorter is easier to handle.), comb etc
2 Cut half into 30 cm pieces.
Tie both ends with thread to keep together.
3 :Pick 10 hairs out of the batch.
4: Thread a needle.
5:Bring the needle into the center of the hair.
6 Tie ends of hair together.Easiest if several hair loops are prepared ahead of time
7:stick the needle up through the neck opening. Start with the top of the head. The soft vinyl head is easy to go through with needles. The shorter needle is easier to handle.
8: Pull the needle all the way.
9: Cut hair at top of loop and remove needle.
10: Now you have completed the first batch of approx. 15cm hair long hair!
11: Repeat Steps 3 to 10. Transplant hair in a circular pattern.
12 Transplant hair in the front of the scalp.
13:Then transplant the sides and back of the head.
14: Make sure hair is transplanted, completely filling the inside of the line mark..The density of the hair will vary due to your hair design and experience.
15:We pour some hot water to settle hair down. It is a good idea to set it up like the picture. Before the hot water, the hair will have pointed upright.
Pour about 90 C (195 F) of boiling hot water on the hair. Repeat it a couple of times. (take extreme caution when handling water as severe injury could result)
The hair should settle like this. Use hair dryer to dry the hair.
16: To create bangs ,transplant more hairs to make a vertical line from the top of the head to the forehead, and then add hairs horizontally from the vertical line towards the front.
17:Transplant more hairs to make a vertical line from the center to the back.

Insert hairs in opposing directions to cover any bald areas.
18:Pour some hot water again. Repeat several times.
19:Add more hair taking into consideration the direction of the hairs.
Less sparse areas.
20:Add more hair. Insert hairs to cover any bald areas.
21:Pour some hot water again. Repeat several times.
22: Transplant is done.
more sparse areas.
23:Trim hair as you want. Bob cut has straight hair bang and simple hair cut for side and back. Hair dressing scissors will create nice hair cut if you have one.
The side
The top
If you like the hair style showing the hairline, you need to transplant hair more densely.