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About PARABOX heads

Head Size

Parabox offers 1/6 scale size heads and 1/3 scale heads. The 1/6 scale heads are smaller.

Soft Vinyl Heads

All the heads that Parabox sells are made out of soft vinyl, which is the same material that barbie dolls are made out of. Soft vinyl, by nature, softens in the summer and hardens in winter. Soft vinyl can be categorized into three type of hardness, which is hard, semi-hard and soft. Most Parabox heads are considered to be in the semi-hard category.

1/6 scale (smaller) Parabox characters ---- 1/3 scale (bigger) Parabox characters

PARABOX Original Heads

Parabox 1/6 scale heads are for the 11cm to 27cm bodies that Parabox sells.
On the other hand, Parabox 1/3 scale heads are for the 40cm thru the 60cm bodies.
To see a comparison of the bodies with each Parabox head, look here

Character Variation

  • Anime-look faces

  • Realistic look faces

  • Boy Faces

Head Variations

  • blank heads
    Paint them the way you want.

  • Machine painted heads
    Face-up is painted using
    the mask painting method.
    Face-up cannot be removed.

    Recommended for custom beginners!

  • Hand-painted heads
    Face-up is done by a face-up artisit.

    Recommended for custom beginners!

Heads Types

  • solid eyes type
    You can paint any design of eyes.
    As the surface is smooth,
    you can use decals with this type of heads.

    This type doesn't have a lid on its top.
  • Molded eyes type
    This type of head has molds to
    guide you for drawing eyes.
    Also, you can cut out eyes
    along the mold,
    to make an eye opening head.

  • Eye opening type
    Can be used with doll eyes.

    This type has a lid on the top part of the
    head so that you can assemble eyes.
    There are eye-pocket type and
    non eye-pocket type.

Body size comparison

Body size details

What size doll are you looking for? Parabox offers the 1/3 scale body, which is 40cm to 60cm size bodies and the 1/6 scale body, which is 11cm to 27cm size bodies.

  • 11cm bodies

  • 21/23cm bodies

  • 23/25 SBH bodies

  • 27cm bodies

  • 27cm Male Slim bodies

  • 40-45cm bodies

  • 47-50cm bodies

  • 55-60cm bodies

Head/Body combination samples

The same head makes different impression depend of the size body that go with. Here are the examples.
※ Heads that work only with the 27cm slim body are not listed here.

Attaching a head to a body

  • 11cm bodies

  • 21-25cm bodies

  • 27cm female bodies

  • 27cm male bodies

  • 40cm-60cm Bodies